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My Passion

Originally from Seattle, I ditched the rainy city at my first opportunity to become one with the sun in Pensacola, Fl. It was here that my love for all things creative manifested into a passion for all things beautiful. With an Advertising major and Art minor, I focused my educational studies around using my own photography to create advertisements and promotional material. When I left Florida in 2012, I moved to Atlanta to obtain my Masters Degree in Integrated Global Communication with the idea of focusing my energy toward non-profit efforts. However, after self reflection and a chat with my wife, I decided to give up what I like about non-profit work for what I love... PHOTOGRAPHY!

My Experience

When I was 10 years old, my grandfather gave me my first camera, a simple 35mm film camera for my first photography class. From the day I received it, I knew I would never put it down.
It wasn't until college that I found my niche, in the wonderful world of Maternity and Boudoir. I held sessions for friends using a 35mm Pentax film. After a few years I realized that I may have been on to something lucrative. After a meeting of the minds with my best friend, Flourishing Creatives was born and we've been full speed ahead ever since. 

WTF is "Female Empowerment Photography"?

I am a Feminist and advocate for all sisters…not just CISters; Women are beautiful (don't debate me)! We are bold, we are brave, we are WOMAN. Female Empowerment Photography is all about celebrating your sexiness and femininity to make you feel POWERFUL! The experience I bring to my clients is truly one that can't be put into words... it's more of a vibe. But I promise you'll leave your session knowing just how amazing you truly are.

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