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The Love Documentary | Demetrius & Khaalisha | Oct. 6 & 7, 2018 | Atlanta, GA

The Kittrells… What can I say about this dynamic duo?! Honestly, I’m blessed to share space with these two. From documenting there love and engagement in Cuba, to their 2 day wedding in Atlanta. There was nothing left to the imagination. Saturday was the Nigerian Engagement Ceremony, and Sunday was their traditional Wedding Ceremony. With family and friends from as far as the UK and Nigeria, this weekend was full of love… laughter… and soooo many emotions.

Prior to their wedding, Khaalisha’s father, and Matron of Honor were called home to be with the ancestors. As we celebrated the love of these two amazing humans, the energies and spirits of Mr. Mukadas Ola Ajala and Mrs. Maleka Jackson were greatly felt and missed.